Frequently asked Questions

 How do I apply Reptanicals salves?

 Reptanicals salves can be applied a number of different ways. In its solid state it can be scooped out and applied as a thick and generous salve, melting from your body heat as it soaks into scales or scutes. This is especially useful when applying Supple Shell to tortoises with severe damage and large gaps between scutes. For delicate animals or wounds that are painful to the touch, Reptanicals salves can be warmed to a liquid state and applied with a dropper.


How often do I apply Prolapse Care?

Prolapse care should be applied every 12 hours until prolapse hemipenes recede. If they are still out after 3 days consult a vet. Prolapse care is not intended to treat herniated intestines.



Is Supple Shell for aquatic turtles?

No, Supple Shell is not intended for fully aquatic turtles like Red Eared Sliders. Supple Shell is safe to use on semi-aquatic land based turtles such as Box turtles and Wood Turtles.

How long is it good for?

Reptanicals salves all have an approximate 3 year shelf life.



How many times can I liquify it?

Reptanicals salves can be liquified and resolidified as often as necessary with no degradation of water quality.



What are the little beads in my salve?

If your salve has changed from a smooth consistency to one that contains small beads it has separated. This typically happens when it has cooled to quickly after being liquified. To reverse this, liquify the salve in either a warm sunny window or hot water bath. Then place the salve in a room temperature place to cool slowly. This should replace the original creamy consistency.



Can I use Reptanicals on frogs?

Reptanicals salves are not intended for use on frogs or other amphibians.


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