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Reptanicals Wound Wash for Reptiles
Reptanicals Prolapse Care Single-Use Packet
Reptanicals Wound Care Single-Use Packet
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This targeted formula is the perfect solution to maintaining the proper health of turtle and tortoise shells. Protein and vitamin rich, it helps to prevent pyramiding and ensures healthy nerve endings. This moisturizing formula hydrates deep into shell, promoting healthy growth and preventing chipping.

Suitable for all reptiles. A great alternative to petroleum based triple antibiotic products for use on cuts, bites, and open sores. Product can be warmed to cream or liquid state for easier application. Anti-inflammatory compound protects open abrasions from infection, while promoting healing.

A must have for every breeder's emergency kit. This lasting organic anti-inflammatory treatment relieves irritation and insulates delicate skin, while reducing painful swelling. This formula provides critical moisture, and often works in one to two treatments for a hemipene protusion.

Control pesky mites in your enclosure and on your animal without the use of harsh chemicals! Alleviate irritated skin, repair damage, and treat the source of the problem all at once. It melts and spreads beneath scales allowing powerful Tea Tree oil to kill the mites and their eggs where they live. This is a powerful anti-microbial formula that soothes and protects sores caused by fungal infections, while eliminating the fungus on site..

Your One Step Treatment for Wounds, Bites, Cuts, Fungal Infections, Shell Rot, Water Blisters, Mouth Rot and more. Use as antiseptic wash for cuts, wounds, sores and lesions. First aid antiseptic to treat fungal infections, bacterial infections, mouth rot, shell rot, water blisters and more. Used in conjunction with Reptanicals Wound Care products for best results.

Pefect for on the go or small reptile emergency kits, this is the first and only option that can retract hemipenes using our single-use packet from Reptanicals. Reduce the swelling and the inflammation with this to save your reptile.

Be ready for any emergency. Comes with Reptanicals Wound Wash and swab to clean and sanitize wound. Then follow with the jar of Reptanicals Wound Care (as is, or warm and use dropper) to affected area to reduce inflammation and heal wound.

A packet of Reptanicals Prolapse Care ready if your reptile has a hemipene protrusion.


Finally an all natural Vet recommended approach Safe for use on open wounds. Use it to seal exposed tissue, stimulate cell growth and defend against infection or contamination with debris Apply thin layer to affected areas to form a powerful barrier that holds in moisture and blocks bacteria.


 Reptanicals Original Reptile Bandage targeted formulas were created for wounds, mites, shell rot and more. Our solutions act as a protective barrier that holds in moisture, reduces inflammation, and increases heal time.  Prolapse Care is the first and only option available, on the market, that can retract hemipenes with only one application. A must for reptile emergency kits.