Our commitment to conservation and preservation run deep! That’s why we focus on educating the public about some of the best reptiles on the market for keeping as pets, and the care that they require to remain happy and healthy. Too many animals end up in rescues or perish because they’re owners did not have the knowledge or resources to provide them the care that they need to survive and flourish. To reduce the number of animals in shelters and the number of heartbreaks from animals that succumb to preventable illness we aim to inform current and future reptile owners about the habitat, lighting, humidity, nutrition, and other critical care needs of their animals before disaster strikes. It is our fervent hope that the more the public knows about these amazing creatures, the better owners they can be, and that will translate into fewer animals in shelters, or worse. Afterall – Reptanicals is “Here to heal.”

Live programs

Take a journey to distant lands full of fascinating creatures, with our featured presenter Biologist Brown. Learn about the early reptiles with fun fossils of Mosasaurs and ancient cephalopods. Find out fun facts about reptiles and where they live, and how they interact. Have you ever seen a scorpion glow? Watch it happen and find out why. Interested in decorating your enclosure with minerals or rocks from your collection? Learn about which ones are safe to use and which are not. Looking to add a new scaly member to the family? Make an informed decision based on information you learn during one of our live programs! Not looking to adopt but still want to help? Come out to a show and take a selfie with our two amazing rescue animal ambassadors: Mister the Bun Bun Buoy - our 11lb California rabbit or Terry the 34-year-old Desert Tortoise! All the proceeds from Bunny Money and Tortoise Tips go to rescue animals in need!

 Attn: We are not offering in-person events for 2023 as we turn our focus towards social media and additional educational materials!

We have a number of different options to fit your needs. Contact us with a summary of your event, date, the expected audience size, and the number of desired presentations and we will get back to you with packages and pricing. Non-profit rates are available.

We have an incredible network of volunteers that assist us in our live programs. If you would like to learn more about becoming one of our animal handlers, or presenters send us an email through the link below.  

We like to stress the importance of choosing captive bred animals whenever possible! This ensures that you can talk to the breeder to validate that they have a reputable and clean facility that produces healthy animals. You can also find out more information about your particular animal, their preferences, and their needs. This in turn will reduce the number of sick or unhealthy animals on the market, and hopefully diminish the importation of wild species from their native homes for the pet industry.

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